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Webcam simple recognition
Webcam guess

P3X Play AI


Play a menu option, it is on the top left icon.

TensorJs v0.14.2

This app is not responsive and the best for a computer, because it is for testing only. The browser should be at least 1024x768 pixels.

I am studing and playing with these frameworks:

This App only works the latest browser - eg. there is no Babel and I am using ES2017 features.

Deployed playground



Blog post

Github repo



Webcam is required, as well a computer that works with WebGl.

  • Recognize
    • Recognize at most 3 objects in a video with a probability
  • You can choose 2 objects and name them
    • Capture an image from the webcam and assign it to one of the named object
    • Make sure that every name object have at least 15 captures
    • Then you can train the neural network
    • Then when you can guess which named object is shown on the webcam right now

How to run on your own localhost

git clone
cd play-ai-ui
npm install
npm run dev
# open http://localhost:8080

The programs

Here are the programs